Project Portfolio

Collaborative Stakeholder Teams

ASIST Founding member of Alberta Saskatchewan Incident Support Team.Due to Lloydminster's geographical location as well as close provincial border to other member communities, was responsible for advocating for a bi-provincial team, capable of providing and utilizing trained personnel resources while fostering inter-provincial working relationships and connecting emergency managers and directors across provinces.

Lloydminster Trauma Response Team Collaborated with School Division, Mental Health and The Salvation Army to create a Trauma Response Team of trained and qualified counselors and crisis managers, capable of responding to incidents affecting the broader community.

Emergency Stakeholder Group Created and chaired the emergency stakeholder group in Lloydminster from 2012-2017. This is a group of representatives from neighboring communities, industry, utilities, healthcare, education, non-profits and first response organizations. Meeting bi-monthly from fall to spring each year was responsible for leading group projects and collaborations from emergency exercises to public events and guest speakers.

Youth Emergency Preparedness Programs

Expect the Unexpected As  a partner in disaster worked with the local Canadian Red Cross to build on an existing  disaster preparedness program for children creating an exciting new interactive program. This program has successfully run in 2 communities so far.

Survivor Night Created an overnight survivor scenario for 2 school classes by inviting various partners in disaster to provide demonstrations including fire extinguisher training, high voltage demo, evacuee registration and first aid elements to name a few.

Chief For A Day Organized the first and second Chief For A Day held in Lloydminster for Grades 4-6 students. Students were sworn in by the Mayor as Chiefs for the Day and participated in Fire Chief and Police Chief challenges.

Photo Competition

Coordinated a community photo contest in which elected officials, first response organizations, schools and other stakeholders competed to see who could create the most popular emergency preparedness photo and message for the public to vote on.

Get to Know Your Neighbor. Worked with local community to identify priority public engagement opportunities. This included a Get to Know Your Neighbor public emergency preparedness event attended by approx. 200 people  and assisting with an evacuation magnet to be distributed to residents.

Disaster Management Conferences

Lloydminster 2015 Organized the first annual disaster management conference held in Lloydminster. Keynote speaker: Frank Patterson, West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Lloydminster 2016 Organized the second annual disaster management conference in Lloydminster. Keynote speakers: Jean-Claude Morin Lac-Mégantic Railway Disaster

Lloydminster 2017 Chaired the third annual disaster management conference committee and played key role in organizing conference. Keynote speakers: RCMP Insp. Mark Hancock Fort McMurray Fire Evacuations & Lt. Richard Robinson Newtown Connecticut Police Department, Sandy Hook School Tragedy.

All  exercises include evaluation, debrief and corrective action report.


Tabletops: rural, urban, natural disaster, active threat, transportation, industrial scenarios. Internal staff and external stakeholders. 


Drills & Functional Exercises: Both EOC/ECC/ICP and  Emergency Social Services. Focused exercises designed to test specific functions policies and procedures of  plans.


Full-scale Exercises: Basic to Multi-stakeholder exercises from single EOC/ICP activation to multiple EOCactivation (municipal and industrial/utility/health). Completed exercises include: resident evacuation notice,mass casualty incidents, incident site and command post practice, field response activities, Emergency Social Services set-up (Reception, Warming and Casualty Family Member Centre).


Household Emergency Guide (Lloydminster): Had vision and created content for Lloydminster emergency household guide.This guide was mailed to all City of Lloydminster households and was one of the most positively received City publications at the time.

Gender Mainstreaming in Emergency Management: Opportunities for Building Community Resilience in Canada Primary contributor to p.25-27 entitled, "Canadian Research on Gender and Disaster"